ASCAC provides a body of knowledge that continuously contributes to the rescue,  reconstruction, and restoration of African history and culture. Our purpose is to promote the study of African civilizations for the development of an African world view. Our aim is to build African centered study groups and strengthen existing institutions. Our goal is to provide excellence in all dimensions of our association. Our strategy is to use our accumulated knowledge for the liberation of African people wherever they may be. Our commitment is to the truth. Our achievements and accomplishments will provide the resources necessary for ASCAC to grow and be recognized as a world class African organization.

We, the men and women of ASCAC are guided by the following virtues. These virtues describe our organization as we want it to be. We want every decision and action in our association to demonstrate these values. We believe that putting  our values into practice creates long-term benefits for ourselves, our children and for generations yet to come.

our leaders


President - Dr. Mario Beatty 
1st Vice-President - Dr. Greg Kimathi Carr 
2nd Vice-President - Dr. Joye Hardiman 
Secretary - Dr. Yaa Asantewaa Blake 
Treasurer - Mr. Jerome Boykin  
Member - Mrs. Ifé Carruthers


Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Council Director
Dr. Rosalind Jeffries
Elder McGraw Badili
Mzee Chester A. Spears
Mother Vena Baker
Baba Richard Moriba Kelsey
Mother Barbara Kelsey
Mother Maxine Mims


Eastern - Mr. Modell Gault  
Mid-Atlantic - Mr. Ron McCoy 
Midwest  - Ms. Rosetta Cash 
Southern - Dr. Riba Kelsey-Harris  
Western - Legrand H. Clegg, Esq.   


Spiritual Development - Seba Yvonne Jones
Education - LaTrella Thornton
Research - Dr. Anderson Thompson & Larry Crowe
Creative Productions - Dr. Joye Hardiman & Dr. Rosalind Jeffries

Our Virtues



We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. We treat one another with respect, recognizing the significant contributions that come from diversity of individuals and ideas. We create an environment of cooperation, openness, creative challenge and development. 

We encourage and build STUDY GROUPS

We believe in respecting African people, by listening to requests, understanding  concerns and providing the intellectual weaponry to define, defend, and develop ourselves.

We regard our INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS as essential ASCAC members

We owe our institutional members the same type of respect that we show to our study groups. Our institutional members deserve fair and equitable treatment, clear agreements and an honest response to their effectiveness. We consider our members needs and requirements in conducting all aspects of our research and study.

We demonstrate INTEGRITY in all we do

We are personally accountable for high standards of behavior, honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We strive to fulfill our commitments as conscience Africans, dedicated and devoted workers. We are responsible and reliable, truthful and accurate, decisive and diligent in the effective use of ASCAC and study group resources. 

We take responsibility for the DISTINCTION and Quality of our work

 We deliver excellence and continue to strive for perfection. We define distinction as intellectual freedom and quality as achieving the best for our people.

We Provide LEADERSHIP as an organization and as individuals…

We lead through competence, creativity and collective consciousness. ASCAC’s leadership is founded on progressive scholarship, innovative ideas, and community activism. We are scholars, scientists, artists, students and determined workers. Our mission is to reclaim our history through Research, enlighten our people through Education, inspire our people through Science and Spiritual Development and raise our consciousness through Creative Productions. Our continued success requires developing people and rewarding their achievements therefore we recognize it is the responsibility of all of us to educate and develop ourselves as well as those whom we lead, touch and influence.