the 35th Annual Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies Conference

Mar 15 - Mar 18, 2018

Community College of Philadelphia

The Winnet Student Life Building

Philadelphia, PA 19130

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Holiday Inn Express Midtown-Philadelphia
1305 Walnut Street , Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square 

1800 Market St, Philadelphia, PA, 19103

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Community College of Philadelphia,

The Winnet Student Life Building

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Deadline: March 1, 2018

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Intellectual Warfare Against the Assault on African Humanity

African Answers for a New Reality

In the spirit of our Ancestors, our Pan-African global family, and the yet unborn, ASCAC extends a warm invitation for you to join us for our 35th Annual Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies Conference. Our 2018 theme is Intellectual Warfare Against the Assault on African Humanity: African Answers for a New Reality. In March of 2018, we will gather in Philadelphia, PA at The Community College of Philadelphia to celebrate our past 34 years of existence and to not only renew our moral obligation and responsibility to counter the political, cultural, and psychological oppression of African people, but to also continue to promote, preserve, and disseminate African cultural and intellectual enlightenment that sustains our humanity and is the foundation of our liberation.

Although the assault on African humanity by the West began with the involuntary removal of millions of African people from the African continent and has continued unabated for over 500 years in various global and domestic institutional structures, forms, and manifestations, periods like the present, especially in the US, where the highest office in the land is now occupied by a White nationalist spewing, catering to, and inciting ideologies of White Supremacy, heighten our collective awareness of our never-ending struggle to resist the absurd and to utilize our own internal cultural frames of reference to imagine and struggle in community for a new reality. Philadelphia, the site of our conference, is commonly referred to as the “city of brotherly love,” but it is also a historical crime scene that helps us to understand more fully how the assault on African humanity in the form of slavery, oppression, and White Supremacy were enshrined in the US Constitution and the founding of the nation.

The whole ideological apparatus of White Supremacy was and is “fake news,” i.e. a tissue of lies and absurdities, yet those ideologies continue to deleteriously impact and shape the life chances of African people on a daily basis. “African answers for a new reality” call us to think deeply about not just the ongoing state violence against Black people in the visible form of police brutality, but to fundamentally question the belief in the established order of things, i.e. the relationship between the prevailing racist ideas, institutions, and policies that function as a critical nexus for examining and understanding our oppression. In order to weaken this established order of things, one of our revered ASCAC founders, Jacob Carruthers, inspired us to engage in “Intellectual Warfare.” He said that “the submission to Western civilization and its most outstanding offspring, American civilization, is, in reality, surrender to white supremacy.”

Our intellectual warfare and struggle for liberation is grounded, strengthened, and deepened by the systematic and comprehensive knowledge of who we are as an African people in time and space and how we utilize this knowledge and our values to create and work to implement “African answers for a new reality.” Thus, we are in a war not just against White Supremacy and its assault on African humanity, but we are also engaged in a “battle for the African mind” as Anderson Thompson, Co-Chair of the ASCAC Research Commission and one of our revered elders, often tells us. This conference brings together researchers and activists from all walks of life from across the country to continue the work of our ancestors and sharpen our ideas and strategies for the task of “Intellectual Warfare.”

Dr. Mario Beatty, International President, ASCAC