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Eastern Region

The Eastern Region has been a region in the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) since the organization’s inception.  ASCAC was conceptualized in Los Angeles in 1984, organized in Chicago in 1985, and given a financial underpinning by the Eastern Region in 1986.  It was at the 1986 national conference held in the Eastern Region when ASCAC decided to take the historic trip to Egypt, taking over 1000 persons.     

Although there are members in several states throughout the Region, Buffalo, Boston, and New York remain the cities where membership is most active.  Over the years, regional conferences have been held in New Haven, CT; Atlantic City, NJ; Newark, New Jersey; New York, NY Buffalo, NY, and Toronto, Canada.  Paying homage to our Ancestors, the Eastern Region has been hosting a tribute to Dr. John H. Clarke since his transition to the realm of the Ancestors in 1998, and has held 40 Day Transition ceremonies for several ASCAC members, local and national.  For several years Eastern Region members met at the Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn, NY to honor our renowned Ancestress.  Over the years the Eastern Region has had many study groups devoted to the study of African history and culture, and to the Mdw Ntchr.  Understanding the need to educate our youth so that they will carry on the legacy, the Institute for Youth (IFY) was formed in 1987, and was a viable part of the Eastern Region, a place where the youth spent the greater portion of their Saturdays studying history and culture under the instruction of Eastern Region members who had undergone years of staff development.  The IFY, not as viable as it had been in the past, the Region, wanting to maintain an IFY presence and connection to the youth, developed a scholarship fund.  The first monies were distributed to two college students in 2011.  It is the goal of the Region to continue the scholarship fund.      Brother Harold Dix, Maa Khru, was the Region’s first president, followed by Brother James Small, Brother Lionel Turner, and currently, Sister LaTrella Thornton.     

Contact:  ascaceastern@gmail.com

Midwest Region

The Midwest Region of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations is dedicated to the rescue, reclamation, reconstruction, and restoration of African history and culture. We are firmly planted with our classical foundation in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and we work diligently to accomplish our goals and objectives in an effort to liberate African people worldwide. We use the lessons of our past to understand and face the challenges of the present to guide us to a future free of oppression where we “reclaim our fame” and take our rightful place on the stage of world history.

The goals and objectives of the ASCAC Midwest Region are to encourage and generate research projects and programs emanating from our membership, primarily and the community secondly, which contribute to the restoration of Classical African Civilizations and an African World View. We work to guide such projects via active networking and effective research development strategies.

Another objective is to facilitate the successful completion of tangible products (papers, pamphlets, books, audio/visual presentations, study guides, resource directories, works of art, science, etc.) that promote Classical African Civilizations and an African World View. We promote educational events (conferences, classes, workshops, lectures, exhibits, festivals, podcasts, webinars, etc.), which can facilitate the liberation of African people. We strive to create an environment for spiritual growth and development.